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Management pack types

Management pack types

This document describes the different types of management packs. There isn't any real difference between them but this separation makes it easier to manage and author them. The table below describes the different types.

Management pack type Comment
Application management pack This type of management pack contains monitoring for a specific application. It could be a third party management pack, e.g. Exchange MP by Microsoft. Or a management pack developed in house.

But it's only contains monitoring for the application, not the service.
Extension management pack An "Extension Management Pack" contains extensions to an "Application ManagementPack". It could be more detailed monitoring (more monitors/rules) or bug fixes/improvements to already existing workflows.

It's important to note that overrides should not be saved in this type of management pack, unless they are directly linked to one of the workflows in the management pack.
Overrides management pack In this type of management pack overrides and the groups used for the overrides are saved.
Service management pack A "Service Management Pack" is used to build the monitoring of a service. This includes Distributed Applications, Service level objects, views and groups related to the service.

The type of management pack controls how it should be named and which type of workflows it should contain. It is discussed more in Management pack naming.

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Created: 2016-05-22, 18:00