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Folder naming

Folder ID

The ID of the view is made up of three different parts, described below.

Application MPID

The different parts are separated with dots.

Part Description
MPID This is the management pack ID. This must be included to make the folder ID unique in the management group. To learn more about MPID, see Management pack naming
Description This is the description of the folder. This could be the management pack name och the a description of the views that will be contained in the folder. It's important that it's clear what the purpose of the folder is.
Suffix The type of element/workflow. This should be Folder.

Using the table above we get the following examples:

Folder Information Folder ID (MPID left out)
This folder is used to group all alert views in the management pack. MPID.AlertViews.Folder
This folder is used to group all views related to a specific class, MPID.ApplicationServersComputerRole.Class MPID.ApplicationServers.Folder

Display name

The folder display name is harder to set any fixed rules for. The folder name is what is shown in the Operations Console and must be clear enought so that the operator knows what's being show and to make it easy to navigate in the management pack. Often it's a variation on the description part of the Folder ID.

Based on the examples above the following display names coud be used.

Folder ID (MPID left out) Display Name
MPID.AlertViews.Folder Alert views
MPID.ApplicationServers.Folder Application Servers

Version: 1.0
Created: 2016-05-23, 08:00