Released! Almost...

Finally! So this is the first release... Almost... It's kind of a pre-release. Beta or whatever. Almost all of the basic snippets are done. Classes, discoveries, monitors and rules are there. Some views are still missing and no SNMP stuff is there yet. But it's a start! I felt that I had to release it now so people can start use it. To put a little pressure on my self to actually finish it. Been keeping this to myself for far to long.

I've also worked on finishing the guides. Not quite there yet but more will come. Most of the "mp content" guides are done but a lot of snippet guides are missing. But be patient, it's on its way. Right now there is only guides for creating classes. I will try to finish the guides for discoveries as soon as possible.

And I got some more tweaking to do with how this blog looks. Right now it's not that hot... :)

Anyhow. Download the snippets, read the guides and get started developing management packs!