Collection rules

Now the guides for the collection rules snippets are online. I took som time to come up with a workflow for documenting and publishing them to the site. It was a bit ad-hoc before. But now I think I've found a way that will work. :)

Next up is the "Timed script" rules. And the views. Then I think there are guides for all snippets. When that's done it's really time to add more snippets. There are some very important missing (monitors for example!) that needs to be added.

And I'm looking at hosting the code for the VS plugin on Github and use their issue tracker so people can help me find the bugs. And a way to enable comments on the guides/articles. And maybe a new site design. Not really satisfied with how it looks right now.

Lot to do. Not much time to do it so the progress is slow. But someday maybe... :)