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Aggregate Rollup Monitor

Aggregate Rollup Monitor naming

Monitor ID

The Aggregate Rollup Monitor Id is made up of the following parts.

Application MPID
The different parts are separated with dots.

Part Description
MPID This is the management pack ID. This must be included to make the monitor ID unique in the management group. To learn more about MPID, see Management pack naming
Description This is a description of the monitor. This should make it clear what the monitor does, what is it that rolls up to it. The description cannot contain any spaces.
Suffix This should be AggregateMonitor.

Using the table above we get the following examples:

Monitor Information Monitor ID (MPID left out)
This monitor is used to group together a number of monitors monitoring the services for an application. MPID.ServicesRollUp.AggregateMonitor
This monitor is used to group monitors looking for sync failures MPID.SyncFailures.AggreagateMonitor

Display name

The monitor display name is harder to set any fixed rules for. The display name is what is shown in the Health Explorer in the Operations Console and must be clear enought so that the operator knows what's being rolled up, to make it easy to find the unit monitors.

Based on the examples above the following display names coud be used.

Monitor ID Display Name
MPID.ServicesRollUp.AggregateMonitor Services Roll up
MPID.SyncFailures.AggreagateMonitor Sync Failues

Version: 1.0
Created: 2016-05-23, 08:00