Yes, we have moved!

Written by Mattias Wikström on 2019-05-14.

Yes, you read right! This page has moved. Along with the toolkit. The new home is found at Opslogix github.

The reason for this? Well, as you might have notices there hasn't been much activity on the development front with the toolkit. Since I switched employer I just haven't had the time to continue the development. I had some plans to get more people contributing but there wasn't even time for that.

So when Jonas from Approved Consulting asked me if they could continue it together with Opslogix I was happy to pass the torch! So that's where you'll find it from now on. I will leave this page up for a while in case anyone need directions. But all info and files have been removed.

So stop wasting you time here and head over to Opslogix github page now!